2016 Meetings

    Programming for the Division of Biochemical Technology (BIOT)
    251st ACS National Meeting
    San Diego California, March 13-17, 2016


    Program Chairs

    Peter Tessier, RPI
    Scott Tobler, Merck


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    BIOT Meeting Location: Westin San Diego (400 W Broadway), San Diego, CA

    Reserve your hotel room on the ACS Website.


    For Student Presenters

    W.H. Peterson Award - Applications due March 4
    BIOT Student Travel Subsidy - Applications due February 29


     2016 Keynote Speakers by Area

    Upstream Processes: Huimin Zhao (UIUC); Sang Yup Lee (KAIST)
    Downstream Processes: Jill Myers (Momenta Pharamceuticals)
    Biomolecular & Biophysical Processes: Jennifer Cochran (Stanford)
    Biofuels and Sustainable Energy: Adam Arkin (UC Berkeley)
    Quality by Design for Biopharmaceuticals: John Erickson (GlaxoSmithKline)
    Emerging Technologies: Eric Shusta (Wisconsin)
    Biosimilars: Jeffrey Baker (US Food & Drug Administration)
    Computationally Enabled Biotechnology: Bernhard Palsson (UCSD)


     2016 Award Winners and Lectures

    David Perlman Memorial Lectureship (sponsored by Bristol-Myers Squibb)
    Ann Lee (Genentech/Roche)


    Marvin J. Johnson Award in Microbial and Biochemical Technology (sponsored by Pfizer, Inc.)
    David Schaffer (University of California, Berkeley)


    BIOT Young Investigator Award (sponsored by Genentech, Inc.)
    Hal Alper (University of Texas, Austin)


    James M. Van Lanen Distinguished Service Award 
    Scott Banta (Columbia University)


    Biotechnology & Bioengineering Gaden Award Lecture 
    Jens Nielsen (Chalmers University of Technology)


    Biotechnology & Bioengineering D.I.C. Daniel Wang Young Investigator Award 
    Fuzhong Zhang (Washington University of St. Louis) 


    Peterson Best Student Oral Presentation at 2015 National Meeting 
    Stephanie Galanie (Stanford University) 


    W.H. Peterson Best Student Poster Presentation at 2015 National Meeting 
    Jeremy Sauer (RPI)



    2016 Program Areas (Area Coordinators)

    Upstream Processes (Mark Blenner, Maciek Antoniewicz, Varnika Roy)
    Downstream Processes (Jim Neville, Aaron Noyes, Todd Przybycien)
    Biomolecular & Biophysical Processes (Joel Kaar, Hardeep Samra, Ben Hackel)
    Biofuels and Sustainable Energy (Michelle O'Malley, Kate Sutton)
    Quality by Design for Biopharmaceuticals (Chikako Torigoe, Shailendra Singh)
    Emerging Technologies (Greg Thurber, Ian Wheeldon, Jacob Latone)
    Biosimilars (Krishnan Sampathkumar, Jill Myers)
    Computationally Enabled Biotechnology at the Molecular, Cellular, and Process Scale (David Roush, Jennifer Reed)
    Poster Session (Claire Komives, Jacob Latone)


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