BIOT Division members are ACS members who have joined the Division and paid its annual dues (a terrific deal!).

Division affiliates are non-ACS members who have a definite interest in the objectives of the Division and have paid the corresponding dues. Affiliates are entitled to all the privileges of membership in the Division, save those of voting or holding elective position.

To join, please contact the Membership Committee Chairman, Yonghyun (John) Kim at:

University of Alabama
Phone: (205) 348-1729


Click here to register as a division affiliate.

$20/year ($5/year for students)


Click here to register as a regular member with ACS.

ACS membership + $20/year ($5/year for students)

First-time ACS members (including Society Affiliates) may choose up to three FREE Division memberships your first year. 

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